Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For the Love of Boobies

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, allow me to share my favorite breastfeeding story:

Me and the little guy took our first plane ride together when he was 9 months old. I wanted to visit my bestie in Florida and I thought I could manage it since nursing always made him very zen and he looooved his milk. My plan was to latch him on, hooter hider in place, and let him nurse the entire plane ride. I thought that would make life pleasant for everyone.

I was mortified when a very large, very cowboyish/manly man plopped in the seat next to me. I was freaking out that he might see something. The truth is, I will never be that woman that can whip out a boob and feed my baby. I had all of the special items required to keep myself and my business well hidden. I decided to warn my fellow traveler.

"I'm going to nurse my baby the entire plane ride. I hope that you are comfortable with that," I said simply.

He grinned, gave me a pat on the back and replied, "Well, young lady, I've been married and I've seen all that. It all looks the same so don't you worry about me."

Well, then. Good to know.

*The only picture I have of myself nursing. I nursed for 1 freaking year and this is all I have to show for it. Best part is that my Dad took this picture after ensuring everything was "covered up." lol

My mommy friend, Sarah, was a huge inspiration and support to me while I nursed. Here are some of her breastfeeding blogs.


Ty said...

There's a week for breastfeeding...? I think people have too much time on their hands. There's probably a People Who Have Too Much Time on Their Hands week.

Sara said...

Careful there, tiger. You might enrage the breastfeeding community.

Ashley Skweres said...

I know how you feel, Sara! - I never really thought about nursing in public until I was "forced" to by my mother who insisted i DIDN'T go sit in the car but instead at the restaurant's patio table next to the men on their lunch break. But now I'm a lot less shy (and so is my son - he refuses to have a covering on his sweaty head!) and just try to keep a low profile - most people don't even notice!

Chells said...

You're blogging about nursing.......this 'fever' is worse than I thought. Take yourself down to the free clinic....I'm sure they have a cream or gel to cure ya.

Sara said...

Sigh. I am blogging about it because it is World Breastfeeding Week and I am showing my support.

Ty said...

Hey, I'm all for babies suckling at the teat, but is a week really necessary? I mean, I'm for being awesome and I don't think there's a week for that - and there shouldn't be because being awesome doesn't need a week to say, "hey, remember me?" Just as I'm pretty sure no one has a baby, looks down at their ta-tas and goes, "oh...that's what those things are for! lightbulb!"

Sara said...


A. World Breastfeeding Week is about education, that's all.
B. You should educate us all on being awesome; you have my full support to start your own week. I will blog about the wisdom you share with as much passion as I blog about nursing.
C. Thank you for reminding us all what ta-ta's are for. Please share that information with your nephew as he likes to yell "BEEP!" and pinch any unsuspecting female.

Sarah@EmergingMummy said...

Wow! I'm a little surprised by the tone of some comments here. I applaud you for your post, Sara! Changing a culture into one that respects women and breastfeeding, giving more than lip service to family values takes guts. And next time, make that hubby of yours take more nursing shots! big part of your life, indeed. xo to you and your hooter hider. ;-) And thanks for the shout-out.

Ty said...

Emerging Mummy - I'm just messing with her. I do that with sisters - especially ones that say, "What is that - a basketball team?" to my nephew when I give him a Texas Rangers shirt.

Not cool.

Anyway - can't have anyone in the blogosphere thinking I'm a total douche - which may already be the case.

st said...

So THIS is what you guys were referring to on Facebook. ABSOLUTELY hilarious. Seriously.