Thursday, May 6, 2010

Food, Inc. and Those Poor Chickens

At the insistence of Oprah, Dr. Oz and Emerging Mummy , I watched the documentary"Food, Inc."

I am now mad at Oprah, Dr. Oz and Emerging Mummy because I have lost all appetite for:

1. Big, fat juicy burgers
2. Pepperoni pizza
3. My $5.99 economy bag of chicken breasts

"Food, Inc." answers the most basic question: Where does our food come from? I truly thought I knew. Turns out, I had no idea.

*Manda Mae, stop reading now*

The documentary goes behind closed doors at the chicken farms, slaughter houses and feed lots. What they do to animals is brutal; I was deeply disturbed:

-Chickens genetically altered so badly by hormones that they can't even walk because their breasts are so large.
-Animals that have never experienced fresh air, green grass or sunlight .
-Animals screaming at the torture they endure.
-Animals covered in manure which, Surprise! Surprise!, gets mixed up all together in our "ground meat." That meat then gets treated with a bleach solution to clean it right up. REALLY?

They said in the film that if there were glass doors on these places, everyone would be a vegetarian.

I'm considering it.

The film also goes into great detail about the abuse of farmers, government failures to act, alarming U.S. health statistics and our addiction to cheap food. I found their information to be thorough, accurate and sobering. The film ended with the admonition that we, as consumers, get 3 votes per day to decide change: breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm changing the vote in our house from this day forward.

I have proclaimed a food revolution in our kitchen:

-We are not eating fast food beef or pork now that I've seen exactly what "meat fillers" are.
-We will buy organic meat and dairy.
-We will start shopping at farmer's markets.
-I will write nasty letters to the USDA.

I have officially broken up with processed foods...something I thought could never, never, never happen.


Tracey said...

Also, I just read on Mercola's website that the biggest investors in fast food restaurants are health insurance companies! Getting rich off of people getting/staying sick! I haven't see Food Inc. but we had hunters from Georgia that owned chicken houses and their stories were pure horror. I'm doing more and more from scratch and local markets than ever before. Try the easy recipe for homemade whole wheat bread from Easy and healthy; also her homemade yogurt.

Casey said...

Yuck. That made my stomach hurt. I haven't watched precisely the same reason you didn't want to, but I have been hearing bits and peices just like what you have written. We have switched to SOME organic food items and haven't on meat because of the price and grocery budget......but that really makes me want to redo the budget and make room for all organic. That has been a goal of mine for a long time anyway. We are slowly taking steps and adding more and more organic slowly. Again, YUCK.

Nathan V. said...

You should find a local butcher that you trust, who buys their beef from local farmers. It's only a little bit more expensive if you purchase in bulk, but completely worth it! Oh, and find a local farm that sells raw milk - one of the craziest but healthiest things... and slightly illegal. :)

Deana said...

Hey girl - I have a raw milk source that is fab!! I love it!! Also a great local beef source that has local groundbeef for $1.99/lb (any amount!) and tasty (corn fed) have other meat too but more $$. If you find a chicken source please let me know!! Ihaven't watched the show yet but plan to once I'm stocked on veggies! ;0

Sarah@EmergingMummy said...

I love you. Forgive me?