Monday, May 24, 2010

Mooched Mommy Idea #4: Morning Ice Cream

Toddlers are picky eaters.

Every Mom knows this, but I take it personal anyway. When I prepare a home-cooked meal and he screams in terror at the thought of eating it, I know that karma is paying me back for all the years I did that to my Mom.

Therefore, I look for ways to be sneaky. The best weapon in my arsenal so far is Dr. Sear's Power Smoothie. I make one every morning for my little punk. I can hide all sorts of power-greens in it, too! My deception went one step further when I named it, "Morning Ice Cream."

Here is my edited recipe, and it makes about 2-3 servings of "Morning Ice Cream."

1/2 c. plain, organic lowfat yogurt
Handful of frozen blueberries
Handful of frozen strawberries, (or any other kind of berry;I just use what's in the freezer.)
1 banana
1/2 t. flax oil
1/2 t. berry-flavored cod liver oil, (my pediatrician says this is GREAT for toddlers)
Almond milk, add to right consistency
Handful of power greens: spinach, kale or avacado
Sprinkle of cinnamon
Ice cubes

*I just add milk and ice until I get a consistency he can drink through a straw*


He drinks this, and I don't fret about his nutrition for the rest of the day.


Casey said...

Awesome idea!! We kind of do the same thing and we call them "shakes" and they get their "shakes" for afternoon snacks sometimes. I didn't think to add the flax seed oil in the shakes tho!! I add flax seeds or flax seed oil to their oatmeal in the morning (of course without them seeing)!

Minters - The Other Side of the Story said...

Good to know I'm not the only one that tells my kid her smoothie is ice cream. I told her it was a milkshake. PS. Akins has a powder that is a mix of greens also. Its great to put in there.