Monday, May 10, 2010

Mooched Mommy Idea #2

I started this Mooched Mommy Ideas segment in hopes of passing on ideas I stole that make my life easier. Today's MMI: Water Play

I mooched this idea from Carolyn when she told me her daughter would stand at the sink for 30 minutes and do dishes.

30 minutes.

I went right home and filled up the kitchen sink. I'm just keeping it real: there is nothing more pleasant than busy toddlers that are not demanding my attention.

I add some plastic dishes, a little soap for bubble fun and they each get an apron. (Sidenote: these are not all my children, I participate in a baby-sitting exchange.)

I feel there are 5 major advantages:
1. I can finish my coffee and surf
2. They practice doing dishes.
3. They have a blast.
4. They will have cleaner toddler hands.
5. I can finish my coffee and surf

Hard at work...


Minters - The Other Side of the Story said...

Seanna sits at the sink FOREVER if I put water in it and leave it going just a little and squirt some dish soap for bubbles. She washes all her cups and bowls. Well until she decides to put the sponge on her tummy a couple of times and then hates it when her shirt is wet. :)

rhilborn said...

I am ALL over this! Now I just need to find a stool that will get Ethan tall enough and we're set:).

NealNews said...

love your ideas! I'm stealing them all.