Friday, May 28, 2010

Wedding Season Awards 2010!

The beginning of April marked the blast-off for our wedding season; we had 1-4 weddings every single weekend. I had a ball! Cake every weekend! Tears during every ceremony! Dancing every reception!

I am....tired.

Without further ado, here are my Wedding Season Awards for Spring 2010:

Most Shameful Moment

A Momzilla walked in while I was decorating a table. She didn't see me, so I crawled under the table and hid. And my sister had to deal with her.

Everlasting shame. I have no excuse.

Proudest Moment
When a Momzilla told us, "I've been so mean to you and you made everything perfect for my daughter's wedding day. Not one thing went wrong."

I then had an unchristian moment and wanted to throw out my ugly finger.

But I didn't. I smiled and replied, "Every Mom gets stressed."

Most Terrifying Moment
When I got a panicked call from my bride telling me she was going into emergency surgery 2 days before her wedding.

With some strong meds and a little champagne, she was feeling great on her wedding day.

Most Ridiculous Request
I got a panicked call at midnight from a groom that requested I forge a permit for something he forgot. He even went a step further and said, "I know you can do this! I have faith in you!"

Never, for one minute, think your faith will inspire any criminal activity on my part.

Biggest Melt-Down
During one particular wedding, we were being treated horribly by the clients and guests. I was frazzled beyond belief. So I did the professional thing and spazzed out on my sister. "I am not respected!" "No one loves me!" "Why did we start this business?!" "What is my purpose in life?!"

I then apologized. Then ate cake. And we hugged it out.

Favorite Moment
I overheard the father-of-the bride, who recently had a stroke, tell someone that walking his daughter down the aisle was what got him through the painful months of therapy. I've never seen such a proud Daddy as he walked his daughter down the aisle.

Oh, those daddies and their daughters get me every time!

The end. I'm going to the spa. I might not come back.

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The Mills Gang said...

These are great! You should write a book about your job!